Front Panels

Our free design software, Front Panel Designer, coupled with modern CNC milling technology allows cost-effective and high precision manufacturing.

Front Panel Designer provides what is needed to easily create custom-designed front panels, instrument panels, scales and signs. With just a couple of clicks you can place multiple features directly onto your project, such as drilled holes, threaded or countersunk holes, rounded edges etc. Front Panel Designer comes with numerous fonts and engraving objects. It also allows the import of your graphic design via vector file to complete the visual impression of your front panel.

Expect precision, durability and exceptional finishes in a quality standard that will meet your highest expectations.



We offer two types of extrusions for enclosure designs. More ...

Machine Parts

Our modern CNC milling technology allows for a wide variety of shapes. More...

Digital Printing

Whether logos, complex lettering or photos – digital printing makes it easy (coming soon.)Digital Printing

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