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  • "Mill afterwards" on powder coated panel

    When creating an in-filled text engraving on a powder coated panel, Front Panel Designer allows you the option to "Mill afterwards". This isn't an option on anodized panels because the anodizing is done first, but I'm curious about how it affects the result on a powder coated panel. Even if the difference is subtle, why would I choose one over the other?


    It may not matter, but in my particular case I'm planning to use text with white in-fill on a black panel.

    Posted By: hank_b on Sep 15, 2013 07:01AM Category: Production

  • Slot tolerances

    I want to cut a 4 x 20mm slot, 3mm deep, in a 4mm thick anodized panel (which is 60 x 85mm). Into this slot I want to slide (and later bond) a 4 x 20 x135mm anodized panel, so that this thin panel will be perpendicular to the 60x85mm panel.


    My question concerns the tolerances of the slot and 4mm stock thickness. I was planning on making the 4x20mm slot 4.06 x 42.0 mm (with 0 radius corners); should the 4.06mm width be sufficient for the 4mm thick stock?



    Posted By: rjones on Jul 22, 2013 04:31AM Category: Production

  • anodizing customer supplied panels

    Hi I am wondering if you will anodize a raw aluminum panel I send in for milling and engraving. If so how do I compute the charge...or can you just send me an additional bill.


    Also, the raw aluminum currently has a lightly brushed finish. I don't care if the brushed aspect of it will be lost, just wanted to mention in case it can't be anodized if it's already brushed.




    Posted By: willamp on Jul 13, 2013 04:02PM Category: Production

  • Engraving on User Panel With 2.5mm Edge?

    Good Day,


    I have a panel (steel) which has a 2.5mm lip on the top and bottom running the length of the panel. Is it possible to do any engraving on this panel, or does the lip keep the tools from correctly reaching the panels? (as in: do I really need to use a flat panel?)


    Many thanks!



    Posted By: bhjazz on May 07, 2013 05:24AM Category: Production

  • Bending Chromated Panel

    Doing an amplifier chassis out of 2.5mm anodized/chromated stock and want to make it a "U" shaped piece with bends for the front and back panels. I know chromium is brittle - how about the coating you use?


    Looking at a rounded 90 at the rear and a sloped panel up front.


    Also wondering about milling the inside thickness down at the bend points? I've done it with a carbide flat bit in a router with many many passes just shaving the metal, but wondering if there's a better way. I figure around a quarter inch wide and half the thickness the full width of the chassis plate should make it possible to clamp the panel and bend it by hand.


    Posted By: sKiZoo on Apr 22, 2013 05:27AM Category: Production

  • Combined parts

    I have 2 complimentary L-shaped parts. Is it allowable to submit them as a single "panel" separated by a cut? If so is the correct way of doing this using elongated shapes made with the hole tool?

    Posted By: ecurtz on Mar 18, 2013 07:31PM Category: Production

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