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  • Odd shape panels

    I am planning on sending down some panels to be engraved.

    However one of them is not flat. It is a channel, with the engraving on the flat broad surface. Is this possible or can you only engrave flat panels.

    What is the procedure for using my own material?


    Posted By: Blackdog on Mar 04, 2013 10:13PM Category: Production

  • PEM Fasteners



    I am working on a design in FPD, and I would like to use PEM self-clinching fasteners. I noticed this was mentioned in one of your newsletters a couple of years ago.


    Do you have the capability to install captive panel screws and studs? If so, does the customer need to provide the fasteners, or can you order it for us?


    Thank you.

    Posted By: jmmckinnon on Feb 12, 2013 05:39PM Category: Production

  • cleaning infill smudge

    I just received a panel that I'm pretty happy with but a few of the engraved letters have infill smudges. Is there a recommended solvent that can be used to clean this up without damaging the anodized finish?

    Posted By: David Moylan on Jan 18, 2013 05:02AM Category: Production

  • Quality of panel back side finish

    I just recently received an order for an enclosure using the housing profiles. Everything appeared to be excellent until I flip the panels over and noticed everything from scratches to rub marks. In most cases this turned out not to be a problem. However on an inner enclosed area to save money, I did the cavities on the front side, thinking I could simply flip them over when I assembled it. Well luckily I had opted to use counter sunk screws on the outer main panels, so this required that I did the cavities on the reverse side, thus saving the day.


    Anyway I've had panels made before and never noticed such poor quality on the back side, nor have I seen anything mentioned about it in the FAQs or on this forum. Has something changed, or did I just get something that slipped through QC? As it turned out since this is only an issue with the flipped inner panels, it won't be apparent when the enclosure is fully assembled. But then again this was a very expensive project at nearly $1,400 and it caught me by surprise.


    So I guess my bottom line question is: Are there no guarantees on the finish quality for the panel back side, and/or is there an option to specify that both sides of the panel should have a high quality finish?


    Posted By: Michael St. Pierre on Sep 10, 2012 08:21AM Category: Production

  • Housing Profile Colors

    I was wondering if it is possible to get the housing profiles in something other then Natural or Black anodized?


    In my upcoming project I am looking at creating an internal box within the main enclosure. The main enclosure will be black, but I was thinking of making the internal box out of gold anodize paneling. I will be using two Housing Profile#1's as part of this internal box. It would be great if they too could be gold anodize to match the panels. Is this possible? And if so, what would be the extra cost?


    Posted By: Michael St. Pierre on Aug 17, 2012 07:17AM Category: Production

  • Can a powder-coated panel be engraved?



    Subject line pretty much says it all. I've had several panels done by FPE but I've never tried your powder-coat finishing. Is it possible to engrave a powder-coated panel?




    Posted By: Adam Schabtach on Jun 24, 2012 06:29PM Category: Production

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