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  • How to match colors?

    I have enclosure and I would like to have the front panel the same color(or as close as possible).

    I have no information of the color number(like RAL or another). It'd grey or beige type.

    What would the best way to order the best possible front panel color (powder coating)?

    What is RAL code for company standard color...approximately?


    Posted By: Pavel Perchine on Jan 05, 2012 11:14PM Category: Production

  • Dimension details of Side Profiles

    The Manual for Enclosure Assembly shows diagrams of the Side Profiles 1 and 2, indicating that they include slots which could be used for locating circuit boards, etc.


    The diagrams do not show sufficient dimensional detail to allow the specific location of these slots to be determined accurately. Can you post a more detailed drawing that indicates the dimensions and location of each of these slots? If this is already available somewhere, could you please indicate where it may be found?

    Posted By: Andrew West on Sep 12, 2011 10:53AM Category: Production

  • Screw sizes for Side Profile: 2.9 or 3.0mm?

    The Enclosure Assembly Manual indicates that the Side Profile 1 and 2 are attached with 2.9mm self-tapping screws. The manual also lists 2.9mm x 9.5mm screws for sale, with a flush countersunk screw conforming to DIN 7982.


    It seems likely (but is not entirely clear) that the holes for these should correspond in the Front Panel Designer program to the "For countersunk tapping screws (DIN 74C)" option in size 2.9mm (selected from the pull-down list). This has an 80 degree included angle for the head countersink, a 3.10mm hole diameter, a countersink depth of 1.67mm and a sink depth of zero.


    However: The example enclosure design file for Side Profile 1 (and the similar template for Side Profile 2) appears to show the use of the DIN 74C style countersink with a size of 3mm (hole diameter 3.20mm) which uses a countersink depth of 1.74mm and zero sink depth.


    I appreciate that there is only a small dimensional difference between the sizes associated with the 2.9mm and 3.0mm screw sizes. However, this apparent inconsistency raises some questions for me. I would appreciate your responses to them.


    1) I am planning to use the Side Profile 1 style together with countersunk screws. Which size specification is correct for the 2.9mm x 9.5mm screws in the DIN 7982 style: M2.9 selected from the pull down list or 3mm, entered manually?


    2) I notice that the DIN 74A hole parameters (for normal machine screws) specify a non-zero sink depth, while DIN 74C for self-tapping screws specifies a zero sink depth. I am considering having a flat-backed fitting partially overlap the countersunk screw after assembly and therefor require that the assembled screw head is flush with the panel surface. Does the standard zero sink depth for self-tapping screws per DIN 74C allow for this? I prefer not to add any additional sink depth or expose the raw machined surface if there is no need to add additional sink depth. The answer to this question might be related to the answer of the first question.


    3) When using countersunk 3mm machine screws (to DIN 965) in 3mm DIN 74A countersunk holes for housing brackets, does the standard 0.25mm sink depth similarly allow for the screw head to be flush with the panel surface?


    4) I notice that the housing profile styles specify the use of 5mm machine screws for assembly. Is it possibly to use 3mm machine screws with the side profile parts instead of using self-tapping screws? I appreciate that a somewhat longer screw (e.g. 12 or 16mm) may be needed. Are there other limitations or reasons that would make this inappropriate?

    Posted By: Andrew West on Sep 12, 2011 10:42AM Category: Production

  • Concealed Mounting + Heatsinks

    Hi there,


    About to design an enclosure with you, and wanted to check if two things were possible. Basically I really like these enclosures (,_NAS,_and_Server_Cases) and would like to make something as close as possible... Sadly the manufacturer is unwilling to do one offs at different sizes! So I'm going to go to side profile 2 with you guys.


    So question 1 is whether there's any way to attach the front panel with concealed fastenings, rather than bolts through the whole front panel.

    Question 2 is whether there's any way to specify more of a heatsink style side profile for the case. Which isn't just for looks, actually, the components I'm using will be throwing off a lot of heat and I'd rather avoid needing to put a fan in the case...


    While I'm about it, Question 3 would be whether I can specify side profiles in different color anodized aluminum, or whether they have always to be natural.


    Thanks for any help you can give me,



    Posted By: Magnus Blair on May 06, 2011 09:20PM Category: Production

  • Anodizing and Engraving Filling Sequence

    When in the process is the anodizing done? If it's done prior to cutting, milling and drilling, then the edges will be raw. If it's done afterwards, then the edges will also be anodized.


    What about the filling of the engravings?


    BTW, I am planning black anodized, with white fillings.


    Thank you...





    Posted By: Keith Mycek on Feb 21, 2011 08:35PM Category: Production

  • Chrome

    Can you do chrome plating? If not, do you plan on providing this in a future?

    Posted By: Abel Korzeniowski on Sep 22, 2010 01:52AM Category: Production

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