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  • creating hgpl ?


    please, i'm having troubles to create a front pannel designer file.

    i created a high resolution dxf file, with one layer for the cutting part, and one layer for the white paint part but .... front pannel designer really isn't soft friendly, with most creating softs ( rhino, autocad, photoshop, etc etc ) .

    i guess the only way to create an Advanced layer of paint is with hgpl, right ? ( "Advanced", i don't know .. ) ,
    and i can't find a way to create an hgpl file. i tried eagle cad, and it couldn't even convert properly a dxf file ...

    why couldn't front pannel designer simply be able to import directly a full dxf, to tell where and how and at which scale the plate has to be CNC cut, and some JPG or png, or tiff, or even psd , with the same scale and scu, to tell where how and in which colors the paint should be done.

    please, do you have some ideas that could help me ? i need to control the quality of the file that will be delivered to Schaeffer AG, and make some economy because i can't afford their conversion service.

    here's a idea of what it will look like, it's the vectorial

    Attached File: Capture.JPG

    Posted By: adrien on Apr 26, 2016 11:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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