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    Hello there,
    My current stage: 19" 2U panel,Aluminum Powder-Coated( Jet Black) with a number of holes.
    The question is : do you make the holes first before coating the panel or is it the opposite? in other words do I have to make larger holes to account for the coatings?

    Posted By: Mohammed on Feb 09, 2017 05:11PM Category: Production

    Hi Mohammed,

    You can choose to have your holes milled before or after powdercoating. Select 'mill after surface finishing' in the properties window if you want the holes milled after powdercoat (this option is going to be added for drill holes soon) so leave a note in the order and we will manually change them for you. The holes will show outlined in red in your design indicating milling after powdercoat. If you want them milled before powdercoat leave it unchecked. The powdercoat thickness is .1mm

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Posted By: Adrian on Feb 10, 2017 01:00AM


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