Custom Milled Front Panels and Enclosures Order Program
Front Panel Designer's Order Program
How to place an order  
Front Panel Designer is the perfect tool to quickly get custom-milled front panels or enclosures. Once you are finished with your design you can place your order conveniently via Front Panel Designer's ordering program. No need to write e-mails, no conversions, no uploads, and no hassles. The order file is encrypted to protect your privacy.

In this newsletter we will explain in detail how to use our order program.

A) Front Panel Designer's ordering program - how it works:

1. Open the order program

To order your finished design go to Order > Order current front panel in the menu. The order program will open (see screenshot below).

Front Panel Designer

2. Review your order and enter the required information

  • Search for items : By clicking on the button List items, you can add assembly kits, screw packages, side profiles or housing profiles to your order.

  • Shopping cart: Review the files from your order in the shopping cart. You can load more front panel files into the order program by clicking on the icon Add front panel file to the shopping cart on the top left of the window. Change the quantity of your order files and select your manufacturing lead time.

  • Addresses: Enter your invoice and shipping address. For your convenience, save your profile data for future orders by clicking on Manage profiles > Save data as a new profile. At your next order just select your saved user profile.

  • Method of payment: Enter your payment information.

  • Shipping and other: Select your desired shipping method. Please note that shipping charges are estimated by Front Panel Designer’s Ordering Program. The shipping charge is calculated on the day of shipment based on box size and weight (exception is the shipping flat rate). Click here for more information about shipping charges.

  • Summary and ordering: Review your order, accept the terms and conditions and submit your order by clicking the Place order online button.

3. After your order is submitted, you will receive an email from us with a 6-digit reference number in it.

4. Order confirmation

Every order goes through our approval process. Our team checks your design for machine-ability. Once your order is technically approved you will receive an order confirmation latest the next business day.

B) How to work with your purchasing department/ third party

Some companies require a purchasing department or a third party contact to send the file to Front Panel Express. Please proceed as the following chart indicates to ensure that your order will be processed in time.

Tip: If your purchasing department/ third party contact would like to have a summary of your order, either use the print out of you shopping cart summary or contact us for a quote issued by Front Panel Express. You can access the shopping cart summary by clicking the Save shopping cart button in the order program.

Submitting fpa files will assure quick and timely order processing. Fpa files include all the information needed to process your order (for example shipping address, quantity, customer profile etc.). Fpd files on the contrary are standalone design files of Front Panel Designer. They do not include any further information about your order.

C) What if your company's firewall prevents you from placing your order via Front Panel Designer?

For security reasons, some companies have a firewall installed. This firewall prevents you from submitting fpd files via the order program. However, by adding proxy server credentials to Front Panel Designer's order program, you will be able to submit the files. If you do not know these credentials, just contact your IT department, they will be able to add it to the order program. You can add the proxy server information by clicking on the settings icon in the order program.

Project of the month:
Vacuum Tube
Power Amplifier
Courtesy of Vince Lasenza
Project of the month
Vince decided to build, from scratch, a no compromise audiophile vacuum tube power amplifier, using the famous 300B triode power tube, which was first released in the mid 1930's by Western Electric. When he was assembling the parts and finalizing the design, he realized that he needed to have a top plate that fit the criteria of a no compromise design.
“When I came across your website during my research, I was impressed with the options and quality I saw. The software was easy to use and designing my panel was a breeze, pricing was reasonable too. When I received the well packaged panels, I was very pleased with the quality of work and it makes the project look fantastic. I will certainly use your services where possible. I will enjoy my music with this amplifier and thanks to Front Panel Express, I will enjoy looking at it too!”
Project of the month top plate
Overview: Front Panel Designer extensions
  • fpd file: Front Panel Designer drawing
  • fdb file: Shopping cart out of Ordering Program (Generated with the Save shopping cart icon in the order program)
  • fpa2 file: Order file, encrypted, which includes drawings and customer profile

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