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  • STL file export

    It would be great if I could export a STL file for 3D printing. I prefer to test my panels before ordering.



    Posted By: R_Phoenix on Feb 16, 2013 05:06PM Category: Whishes

    Thank you for your suggestion. 3D printing is definitely a very nice method for testing.


    Most users of Front Panel Designer only need a 2D print to check the panel size and cutouts. However, a 3D import would be a nice feature, which would also allow a 3D export. Let me discuss this with our IT people.


    Thank you again for your feedback.


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Feb 17, 2013 09:59PM


    I would also appreciate this very much.


    Being able to export 3D files would allow us to virtually test the fit of your boxes into much larger systems. Currently we take the 2D files and manually create rough approximations in our 3D CAD software (Solidworks). An easy way to export exact 3D models would make the solutions you offer much more attractive for our applications.

    Posted By: Thaddeus.Johnson on Feb 22, 2013 01:20AM


    I too use Solidworks and would like this ability. But for now I do it the other way- build in Solidworks, create a dimensioned drawing, then rebuild in Front Panel.

    This has given me another thing I'd like from your product. A Drawing. Documentation is vital, and so far I haven't found another way.

    Posted By: RSnyder on Nov 13, 2013 06:44PM


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