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  • Old computer front panel

    Any chance you have made a front panel replacement for a Digital, PDP8 e or m computer ? Please see attached file for reference. If not, is this something you could do and quote ?

    Please advise,

    Sincerely, Gene Katz

    Attached File: image.jpeg

    Posted By: Gene Katz on Nov 04, 2019 04:47AM Category: Whishes

  • infill Cavity?


    I have a customer's logo that I would like to engrave and have in-filled black. Since the file is a DXF, the only way i can import it is as a cavity, which does not allow you to infill.

    Is there an alternate technique I could use?

    Attached File: Orb_Logo_Gray-v3.dxf

    Posted By: Brian Sparano on Nov 03, 2019 05:58PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • German text in screenshots

    I see some b***ons in the screenshots are in German, e.g. Hilfe. Does the download have all text in English? Thanks.

    Posted By: Richard Milward on Oct 24, 2019 02:55AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • reference lines

    Is it possible to enter some reference lines that will not be part of the finished product?

    Posted By: Vic Kostrukoff on Oct 14, 2019 07:21PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • HPGL file

    Can I edit an HPGL file? Because I exchanged the Height and Width of Right and Left sides and I'd like to change their projection on the Front and Back.

    Posted By: Luis Batule on Oct 09, 2019 11:15PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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