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  • How to Fix a Sagging Couch

    Sometimes the beanbag itself can be the cause of a billowing couch (furniture store - melodyhome). If the cushions feel too soft, again you may charge to add added filling. You can acquirement cream added and add it to the top and basal of the added in the cushion.

    Reinforce the back and anatomy of the couch application affective van tape.

    If you accept inspected the wood and bolt of the frame, and the abutment and bushing of the cushions and still cannot amount out why your couch is billowing you can try abacus abutment to the absolute back. Wrap bolt affective band through the back of the couch and about the basal of the couch's anatomy until it is covered with tape. It should attending like a web of band in the back. This should advice abutment the anatomy and back of the billowing couch.


    Posted By: michelleloy on Oct 30, 2013 09:52AM Category: Whishes

  • DXF File Question

    I have a dxf file that contains all cutouts that I require. When I import the dxf file, it only sees the exterior shape, and not any of the cutouts. Am I doing something wrong?

    Posted By: kinterke on Oct 29, 2013 03:36PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • How to Move a Sofa Bed Up or Down Stairs

    Remove the feet. If accessible abolish the anxiety of the sofa (online furniture store - melodyhome) to affluence its access through doors. If this is not possible, skip to next step.

    Move the sofa through the door. Slide the sofa on its back on the agenda (and furniture dollies) to the aboriginal door. If the anxiety are removed it should almost canyon appropriate through. If not, you may accept to bend it such that anniversary set of anxiety canyon through.

    Move the sofa down the stairs. Abolish the furniture dollies, if you accept them. Slide the sofa advanced while captivation down burden on the ancillary extreme from the stairs. The sofa will activate to angle downwards as it is confused forward. Slowly acquiesce the sofa to lay on the stairs. Move the sofa until it is absolutely on the stairs. The being extreme down the stairs will charge to accomplish abiding the agenda does not bolt on the stairs and absolute the being accomplished on the stairs of if to push. The agenda reduces the abrasion amid the sofa and the stairs, appropriately authoritative the stairs an simple obstacle to accord with. If the stairs bend or change direction, as in a flight of stairs, you will charge to angle the sofa up on one of its ends (the arms). Again airing it, that is to say move it as admitting it were walking by sliding one ancillary again the other, to the next flight of stairs such that the agenda is adverse the ancillary of the stairs. Slowing lay the sofa down on the stairs. One being will charge to adviser the sofa down while ensuring that it does not blooper while the added being will charge to use their easily over their arch to affluence the sofa back down on the stairway slope. Repeat this footfall until the sofa is absolutely down the stairs.

    Continue sliding the sofa. Slide the sofa, or alter the furniture dollies and roll, to its adapted location.

    It is actual accessible to accept a brace of furniture dollies, if possible. They about alone amount $15.00 and are actual advantageous for added projects.

    You can use straps with the winching adequacy to band the couch to the cardboard. This makes abiding that annihilation block loose.

    You will charge at atomic two humans to accomplish this blazon of move. Otherwise you accident abrasion to yourself.

    Back braces are also recommended to anticipate austere back injury.

    Posted By: michelleloy on Oct 29, 2013 09:56AM Category: Whishes

  • origin

    All of a sudden with version 4.31 the origin when creating a new panel seems to be set willy-nilly. Never at a the bottom left corner as it used to be. Is it me or is there a reason for this?




    Posted By: REPH11 on Oct 16, 2013 10:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Cavity within a cavity

    I need to create a rectangular cavity 40mm x 60mm that is 5mm deep in 10mm thick material. (That much is easy.) Now within that cavity, I would like to have another smaller rectangular cavity 20mm x 30mm that is an additional 3mm deep and also has edge machining (rounded edge 1.5mm radius) applied to it. This brings up some questions. How do I specify the smaller cavity depth in Front Panel Designer? Is it with respect to the top surface of the panel (in which case it should be 8mm) or is it with respect to the bottom of the larger cavity (in which case it should be 3mm)? Also, how do I know that the machining on the edge of the smaller cavity will be applied to the edge that is 5mm deep within the first cavity? In other words, how do I make sure the larger cavity is cut first, then the smaller one, then the edging on the smaller one? This same question applies to a similar situation with a through hole inside a cavity. Can I specify edge machining on a through hole sitting inside a cavity?

    Posted By: Vern_K on Oct 16, 2013 04:37AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Problem Importing .plt file

    I am trying to import a .plt file but when I click import it doesn't show anything in preview or afterwards on my panel. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Posted By: aikenberry on Oct 08, 2013 05:12PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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