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  • White macro text is not visible in preview

    I have several macros that I use quite often that are just text.


    Part Number

    Cage Code

    Company Name

    Serial #


    The text is engraved with a white fill color.

    Since the background color for the Macro Preview window is white, the macro is not visible in the preview, except the insertion points.


    If text = white, then text in preview should = black.



    Posted By: Terry Best on Mar 30, 2011 03:57PM Category: Whishes

  • Macro features



    We use Front Panel Express frequently across our offices and as such we have initiated a plan for a company library of approved components. Here is a list of issues we have come up with that prevent us from managing and organizing this "library" efficiently:


    * re-organizing of Macro shapes: please add support for dragging/dropping shapes to re-organize the library file


    * "smarter parts": a lot of components have minimum or maximum panel thickness spec's. Currently there is no way to document this in a macro shape except in the name. Ideally, the Macro part would automatically adjust the mill-out depth depending on the thickness of the panel that the part is dropped own on.


    * overlay/outline: a lot of components have a flange or similar that won't be machined. Currently, to facilitate proper placement of such parts (for example MIL style connectors), we have added a (red colored) outline to the macro part. This allows us to better visualize and space components on the front panel while guaranteeing that we don't have colliding flanges/parts, but we have to manually go in and un-group all the Macro parts and manually delete these outlines before ordering. As mentioned in another recent thread, a document or non-design layer would be very helpful.


    * more "property" fields for macro's. These would be stored with the shape but have no machining effect. A little side-bar could show this information, or maybe add the fields to the "object properties" view? Fields we want to see are: vendor, part#, revision, Comments/Notes with the last being a larger text box. This would to some degree alleviate the fact that the parts are not smart as we could type in min/max panel thicknesses in the part comment section.


    I'm sure I/we will have more questions/comments and requests, but mainly the main thing we have issues with right now are all related to the Macro implementation and features that are missing in that. We hope to see these improved soon!


    If I was not clear on certain things, let me know and I can clarify. If you disagree, I'm open to discussions, maybe there is a better way or a good reason not to do something?


    Thanks for reading!


    Posted By: Kjell-Edmund Ims on Feb 24, 2011 07:11PM Category: Whishes

  • EPS file import

    For those of us using the Mac OS X platform, it seems that generating an HPGL file is quite tricky. It would be great if FPD could import vector EPS files or some sort of PostScript-based file. This would open up many design possibilities for Adobe users.


    Any other Mac/Illustrator users out there?

    Posted By: Seth Alder on Feb 10, 2011 12:07AM Category: Whishes

  • Cntrl + / - & wishes

    I have a long list of wishes but here are a few.


    I have to switch between AutoCAD and FPD and keeping the hotkeys straight is mind numbing! my first wish is to add Control + and - for zoom in and out functions. would make life a lot easier.


    being able to design in AutoCAD and import into FPD is major. that would save many many hours!


    a Bigger stock symbol libray is a must. even just some basics like fuseholders, IEC connectors, duplex outlets, vent hole patterns, etc.


    The ability to array objects. select an object, and tell FPD how far apart to space them etc.

    Posted By: Dave Meyers on Jan 09, 2011 04:10PM Category: Whishes

  • Micro-nudge

    Hi, another great feature would be the ability to change the nudge value when using the arrow keys to move objects. Changing the default nudge value to the smallest increment you folks can mill would be very helpful in lining things up. Even better, allow the user to choose in the preferences from the smallest to the largest nudge.


    Many graphics programs also allow adding modifier keys to the nudge, so a Shift-nudge would be bigger than a regular nudge, and a Control-nudge would be smaller than a regular nudge.


    I don't mean to hold a nudge, but...





    Posted By: Mike Phillips on Dec 18, 2010 06:34AM Category: Whishes

  • Complex Drill Holes

    A really helpful feature would be the ability to combine simple shapes to make more complex cutouts. Most graphics software has this ability, and it would save a lot of time to be able to take a circle and a rectangle drill hole and combine them to make a keyway for a switch, for example.





    Posted By: Mike Phillips on Dec 18, 2010 06:32AM Category: Whishes

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