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  • graphic files library

    Where can I find a graphic file library?
    I am in need of some rotary switch graphics including a 12pos switch.

    Posted By: Craig on Dec 26, 2017 04:31PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Prices on Enclosures?

    I don't see any prices on enclosures. If this is supposed to be so easy, why am I lost? Looked all over the site. Don't even see where to call to order, nothing!

    Posted By: Fred Flintstone on Dec 14, 2017 03:45AM Category: Ordering

  • Default measurement

    How can i let FPD using US measurements as default

    Posted By: Harry H. arends on Dec 13, 2017 04:29PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Copy & Paste Entire Design

    I am hoping to be able to print out multiple copies of an entire panel design on one sheet prior to ordering the final version, to test the fit and make sure I have the right measurements. In the past I have printed out one panel per sheet, but I would like instead to put 4 - 5 panels onto one sheet.

    So far I haven't been able to copy & paste at one time everything from the panel. How can I do this? Thanks

    Attached File: BAP.2.fpd

    Posted By: Richard Wood on Nov 24, 2017 03:02PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Front plate

    Can a front plate be angulated, i.e. not flat?

    Posted By: Stephen Zador on Nov 23, 2017 05:07PM Category: Production

  • no international shipping???

    I just spent hours and hours designing a panel and then realize there is no international shipping option available?

    Posted By: Jan on Nov 10, 2017 12:49PM Category: Ordering

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