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    Attached is a .dxf contour that has been imported into .fpd and cavitied. I am trying to make a panel that is the 'negative centered portion. All 'dark grey would be scrap, light grey is the panel.;lp

    Attached File: CavityFreeCon_20151007.fpd

    Posted By: larry peterson on Oct 07, 2015 05:56PM Category: Front Panel Designer


    I used your fpd file and exported it as a dxf. I opened it in a CAD software and separated the perimeter from the mounting holes to create two dxf files.

    Back into Front Panel Designer I imported the perimeter to get the front panel shape. After that I imported the mounting holes with the 'free contour' tool.

    Check out our YouTube channel. We have a couple of tutorials explaining this more in detail..

    Attached is your reversed design.

    Best regards,

    Attached File: 20151007.fpd

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Oct 09, 2015 03:52PM


    Perfect! So simple!
    I might add for other people to get the perimeter to load. Start a 'File' 'New' Basic Shape: 'Free Shape From .DXF'
    Thank you!

    Posted By: larry peterson on Oct 09, 2015 05:14PM


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