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  • On/Off Symbol (macro?)

    Does anyone have a universal on/off symbol they can share? I'm referring to the symbol that looks like a semi-circle with the gap at the top and a short vertical line bisecting that gap. I imagine the symbol would be maintained as a macro, but if anyone has it in any form suitable for use with FPD I'd certainly be grateful.


    Posted By: Scott Leventhal on Apr 14, 2017 10:55PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Do you need it for powder coat or not?

    Posted By: Andrew Mills on May 01, 2017 04:26PM


    Hi Scott,

    Do you want it engraved? If so, send us the one you want to use and we will convert it into an HPGL for you. If you want it printed on your panel just import a high quality (.jpg, .bmp, or .pdf) and we will print it on your panel.

    Posted By: Adrian on May 02, 2017 01:38AM


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