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    I've used FPD for years on a PC and have now migrated to running FPD v.6.21 on a new MacBook Pro. My latest front panel design has text engraving on the panel. The text includes an apostrophe (the text is "Engineer's Amp"). Curiously, while the text shows properly in the text box, in both the preview window and on the panel FPD converts the apostrophe to a question mark (i.e., "Engineer?s Amp"). The conversion cannot be corrected.

    What's going on?


    Posted By: Scott Leventhal on Jul 04, 2019 02:15PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Scott,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can you email me the .fpd file so I can forward it onto our developers so they can see why you are having this issue? Email

    Thank you


    Posted By: Adrian on Jul 08, 2019 05:22PM


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