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    Can you do chrome plating? If not, do you plan on providing this in a future?

    Posted By: Abel Korzeniowski on Sep 22, 2010 01:52AM Category: Production



    Thank you for contacting us about our material finishes.


    We do not currently offer chrome plating, and it is something that we are very unlikely to offer in the future.


    The best method to obtain such a finish would be to smooth out and polish your aluminum sheet, then clear coat it to prevent oxidation and preserve the finish.


    Alternatively, you could take the plate and have it powder coated to look like chrome.


    Lastly, there are metal finishing business able to chrome plate aluminum, though I believe it is somewhat uncommon.


    I hope this information has been helpful for you.



    Paul Birkeland


    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Sep 22, 2010 08:16PM


    Thank you Paul.

    Posted By: Sugar Free on Sep 24, 2010 08:52AM


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