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  • anodizing customer supplied panels

    Hi I am wondering if you will anodize a raw aluminum panel I send in for milling and engraving. If so how do I compute the charge...or can you just send me an additional bill.


    Also, the raw aluminum currently has a lightly brushed finish. I don't care if the brushed aspect of it will be lost, just wanted to mention in case it can't be anodized if it's already brushed.




    Posted By: willamp on Jul 13, 2013 04:02PM Category: Production

    Hello Phil,


    Unfortunately we do not have any anodizing capabilities at our shop. All our materials are pre-anodized and we can't anodized customer supplied material.


    We offer in-house powder-coating as additional finish option. Maybe this is something you are interested in as well. Let me know if you would like us to send you some samples with powder-coated finishes.


    Best regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Jul 16, 2013 08:14AM


    Thanks Diane, sorry for the slow response.


    I ended up getting the parts anodized locally. I'll be sending one of them in for machining and engraving.


    I'll keep powder coating in mind for the future also,




    Posted By: willamp on Jul 23, 2013 09:05PM


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