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  • How to Cover a Couch

    Making a Couch Cover

    Visit bolt food to locate the material. Use your abstracts to acquirement abundant bolt to actualize the cover (furniture store - melodyhome).

    Actualize a arrangement to cut your fabric. Use a pencil to outline your daybed on ample bedding of paper. Use a abstracted breadth of cardboard for anniversary section, including arms, bench area, and backrest.

    Cut out anniversary cardboard breadth you outlined, and abode them on the fabric. These will serve as your patterns for the cover.

    Draw the templates assimilate your bolt application a pencil. Leave a .8-inch (2-cm) bound about the bench pattern, and a 2-inch (5-cm) bond about the patterns of the accoutrements and backrest, which are arced and will charge a little added room.

    Posted By: michelleloy on Oct 31, 2013 04:22AM Category: Whishes

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