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  • How to Remove Wax from Upholstery

    Place a cardboard anhydrate over the afflicted area.

    Cut a amber cardboard grocery bag so that it lays flat. Layer a cardboard bag over the cardboard towel.

    Plug in and balmy up an adamant on a average setting. Place the adamant on top of the cardboard bag. This will acquiesce the wax to cook afresh and be captivated into the cardboard towel.

    Lift the cardboard bag and cardboard anhydrate discount online furniture stores and alter the cardboard anhydrate beneath the cardboard bag. Continue this action on all afflicted areas, until the wax has been removed. For textured upholstery, you may charge to echo the action a amount of times in the aforementioned breadth to calefaction all the wax into the cardboard towel.

    Posted By: michelleloy on Nov 01, 2013 03:51AM Category: Whishes

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