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    I can't get FPE to open.
    It says "the current instance of FPD is not reacting. Please close all dialog boxes and try again"
    I've put the program in the trash and downloaded a new version but no luck. Months of work gone. Please help.

    Posted By: jon peters on Apr 03, 2015 05:02PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. The wording "current instance" got my attention. You probably just have to end the process in Windows Task Manager.
    To do this:
    1. Crtl + Alt + Del
    2. select "start task manager"
    3. click tab "processes"
    4. select "FrontDesign.exe from the "image name" list
    5. Click "end process"

    You should be able to start Front Panel Designer. I hope this works. If not please attach a screenshot of the error message you will get.

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Apr 03, 2015 09:03PM



    I have the same problem on a Mac. I can't solve this by reinstalling. I had a similar problem with kicad which was solved by deleting a "lock" file. I must add that this was caused after an emergency shut down. (holding the power b***on on a macbook).



    Attached File: Screenshot_2016-06-13_12.13.59.png

    Posted By: Zander on Jun 13, 2016 12:14PM


    Hello Zander,

    You just need to delete the lock file which is located here:
    ~/Library/Application Support/FrontDesign/FrontDesign

    This happens after an emergency shutdown and is normal on a Mac. Lots of other software programs have shown the same issues.

    Kind regards,

    Posted By: Fabian on Jun 18, 2016 12:33AM


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