• Holes, Threaded and Countersunk Holes

    Multiple holes and objects can be positioned on the panel using Front Panel Designer. By clicking on the object or dialog box, you can enlarge the representation of the property dialog box and have a detailed view of the options available for each object.

  • Text and Engravings

    There are a number of objects available for engraving text and graphics. If you desire a more complex engraving you can simply add the logo by using HPGL import.

  • What Else?

    Many additional functions have been included in Front Panel Designer to make creating a panel easy. Here is a small selection.

  • Insert graphic files (PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) and print your front panel with customizable designs.

  • Starting with version 6.0, the Front Panel Designer includes a 3D preview. This way you can view your front panel from all sides and discover any design errors immediately.

  • Pricing

    You can check the detailed price of your front panel at any time during the design process by clicking the price button.

  • Shopping Cart

    The Shopping Cart allows you to view all items you have selected for purchase. Update each part's quantity or attach files such as PO documents or technical drawings.

  • Ordering

    ... review and submit.

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