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  • Windows 7 crash

    It's been working for 3 months, but now it opens its window for a few seconds and then it's gone. Windows task manager says it's running, but nothing is visible. I've erased, restarted and reloaded four times...



    Posted By: baxterl on Aug 19, 2013 11:05PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Pelican 1510 Panel Template

    Does anybody have a panel template for a Pelican 1510(bottom). I can download the DXF but it will not import.


    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.



    Posted By: techtips on Aug 12, 2013 11:37PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Serial Labeling

    I have an order of 10 Identical panels that will each be labeled "panel 1", "Panel 2", "Panel 3" ect. Can I order the panels such that I only have to submit 1 design file and request that each panel be labeled 1 thru 10? Or is it best to submit 10 different design files? If they can be labeled serially, what is the best way to request this (design note, email ect.)?




    Posted By: AndrewB on Jul 30, 2013 03:05PM Category: Ordering

  • Slot tolerances

    I want to cut a 4 x 20mm slot, 3mm deep, in a 4mm thick anodized panel (which is 60 x 85mm). Into this slot I want to slide (and later bond) a 4 x 20 x135mm anodized panel, so that this thin panel will be perpendicular to the 60x85mm panel.


    My question concerns the tolerances of the slot and 4mm stock thickness. I was planning on making the 4x20mm slot 4.06 x 42.0 mm (with 0 radius corners); should the 4.06mm width be sufficient for the 4mm thick stock?



    Posted By: rjones on Jul 22, 2013 04:31AM Category: Production

  • anodizing customer supplied panels

    Hi I am wondering if you will anodize a raw aluminum panel I send in for milling and engraving. If so how do I compute the charge...or can you just send me an additional bill.


    Also, the raw aluminum currently has a lightly brushed finish. I don't care if the brushed aspect of it will be lost, just wanted to mention in case it can't be anodized if it's already brushed.




    Posted By: willamp on Jul 13, 2013 04:02PM Category: Production

  • Printing Problems

    When I try to print to 100% size on panels that require more than one sheet of paper FPE will only print the first page. It will not tile print. Sometimes it will not even show a preview and tell me zero pages required. This is recent and only started happening when I updated to the latest version.

    Posted By: Blackdog on Jul 11, 2013 03:43PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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