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  • printing

    So far I have had no problems with the design process but when

    I try to print my design my printer outputs a blank page. The

    print preview and everything looks right. No error messages or

    anything. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? HP computer

    with windows vista 64. HP 4280 printer which works perfectly

    with every other program. Thankfull for any help you can give.

    David Nelson

    Posted By: David Nelson on Dec 01, 2010 08:28PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • curved slot cavity

    Hi there,


    Any way to add a curved slot cavity? Or is this in the works for a future version of fpe?


    I'd also love to be able to do a curved slot in a rectangle cavity.



    Posted By: Thor Lewis on Nov 27, 2010 02:29AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • 53mm Vs. 55mm????



    Im in the process of designing a 19" 2U front panel. My plan is to buy a Schroff 20860-605 and then just replace the front panel. I would use the front panel off the Schroff and get you guys to cut it, but i want a perspex front panel.


    Anyway this is the problem. When using your program, I open a new design, set the size to the 19" Front Panel and 2U height, then add system holes. Measuring the distance between the front panel holes centre-to-centre (the holes which attach the panel to the rest of the case, not the ones that actually hold it in a rack) it comes out as 55mm.

    However, when i look at the handle accessories (part 20860-257) for the Schroff case, it says the holes are 53mm apart. So should i change the distance on my design, or is it ok to keep it the preset distance?





    p.s Sorry i couldn't get links to the product pages, the Schroff website is all flash based, however if you go to their website and put those product numbers in the search they come up fine

    Posted By: Elliott Whyte on Nov 17, 2010 07:35PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Keyboard commands, etc.

    Hi again,


    Just wanted to note some issues I'm having with keyboard commands using an Intel Mac and version 4.1 of FPD.


    The "Select mode" tool appears that it should be activated by the space bar - this doesn't seem to work for me.


    The "Delete" command appears it should be linked to the Delete key but this is also not working. (I'm using a Mac laptop, so my Delete key is where the "backspace" key would be on a PC).




    I am happy that I can set my mouse scrolling wheel/ball to scroll the document up+down. It would be GREAT if left+right scrolling functionality could be added as well.


    Last but not least, it would be FANTASTIC if we could get some key commands for zooming in and out. "Command plus" and "command minus" seem to be the standard for Mac and "control plus" and "control minus" for PC.




    Posted By: Seth Alder on Nov 16, 2010 10:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Selection > Align on grid



    I seem to be having an issue with the Selection > Align on grid command.

    I'm using an Intel Mac, my units are in inches, and my grid is set to 0.125"


    For an example....

    Create a 0.25" drill hole and set the origin to be the center of the hole

    Create a second drill hole and type in the coordinates for X=5.0000", Y=0.0000

    Right-click the second hole and select "Align on grid" (or Selection > Align on grid)


    The second hole is moved to X=0.5016


    Anybody else having a similar issue?



    Posted By: Seth Alder on Nov 16, 2010 10:21PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Problem Printing in Designer 4.0


    I can't seem to get it to print the whole panel. The panel is larger than 8 1/2" by 11 and it only prints the center of it. I want to print it on multiple pages at 100% and get the whole panel in there. It worked in the older version.


    Any Ideas

    Posted By: Mark Still on Oct 27, 2010 06:32PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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