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  • Printing Issues

    I've always set my panel design's material properties to clear Perspex, so that any test prints of designs I do come out in black and white.

    For some reason, the panels are now printing with a grey shade instead of being white when printing them, which I thought would be expected for clear perspex, and is what used to happen.

    What's changed? Can't work out what I've done. Tried different printers etc. Cheers.

    Attached File: Modded_Front_Text_For_Printing.fpd

    Posted By: Chris M. on Aug 11, 2019 01:26PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Please consider different method of updating pricing

    Just a suggestion - many of us have stringent IT policies that mean new versions of software must be white listed before installed, and this process can take weeks if not months. The ability to import a current pricing file would be a huge help.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Posted By: Jamie on Jul 17, 2019 02:22PM Category: Whishes

  • HPGL file corrupted on import

    I take an Autocad .dwg file, open it in ABViewer, then save it as an HPGL (.plt) file. When I try to import it as an HPGL engraving, the preview window shows it as a bunch of lines going every which way.

    Attached File: 0141A01_Legend2.plt

    Posted By: John Behrendt on Jul 08, 2019 06:30PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Apostrophe Conversion


    I've used FPD for years on a PC and have now migrated to running FPD v.6.21 on a new MacBook Pro. My latest front panel design has text engraving on the panel. The text includes an apostrophe (the text is "Engineer's Amp"). Curiously, while the text shows properly in the text box, in both the preview window and on the panel FPD converts the apostrophe to a question mark (i.e., "Engineer?s Amp"). The conversion cannot be corrected.

    What's going on?


    Posted By: Scott Leventhal on Jul 04, 2019 02:15PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Toolbar

    I feel like an idiot not being able to figure this out, but I am new to FPE and cannot figure everything out.

    I accidentally closed out of the toolbar on the left side that allows you to place entities a certain distance from the origin. Now that I have closed out of it, I have no way of placing items exactly where they need to be, and I cannot figure out how to get this toolbar back.

    Can someone help with this?

    Posted By: Jon on Jul 02, 2019 10:06PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Matching paints

    Are there any off the shelf spray paints that are close to the colors you offer on your panels? The Red, blue, black, gold, green, etc... ?

    Posted By: Rich Wielgosz on May 12, 2019 03:42AM Category: Production

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