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  • Engraving Check Tool

    What are the parameters that this tool checks (View/Engraving Check), please? I have a logo that shows OK when using the .2mm graver or .6mm cutter, but shows red if the .4mm graver is specified. Is red no-go, or just questionable? Couldn't find any insight in the FPD help files, apologies if I missed that.

    Posted By: CharlieEscher on Feb 15, 2014 08:17PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Text eng. within shape eng.

    Hello! Is there a way to put a no-fill text engraving within a black-filled shape engraving? If so, is there a preferred/best way to go about it?




    Similar to the 'OUT A' in the lower left corner.


    Thanks! -j goulds

    Posted By: superfine-mod on Feb 10, 2014 10:35PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Painted Acrylic?

    I wish to have a panel done in such a way that I can illuminate the lettering from behind.


    I was thinking that a painted piece of acrylic might work


    Does anyone have experience with this type of thing? what products or process did you use?



    Posted By: JamieMudry on Jan 24, 2014 05:07AM Category: Production

  • housing profile drawing files

    Are there any DXf, DWG, or STEP files available for the housing profiles 1 and 2?


    If so, is there a link to download?


    Posted By: mytekcontrols on Jan 13, 2014 09:59PM Category: Production

  • panel thickness, material

    I'd like to have a panel that is about 43" long and 12" wide fabricated from .062" (about 1.5 mm)6061 T6 aluminum, powder coated with filled engraved labels. Front Panel Designer won't allow anything thinner than 2.5 mm. Is this possible? Do I need to supply the material?

    Posted By: arcture on Jan 08, 2014 03:27AM Category: Production

  • Small Engraving Fonts

    I wish to provide a bezel to surround a keypad in order to display user instructions for function keys.


    The bezel is 10.7 mm square with a cut out 8.2 mm square leaving a 1.25 mm surround to take about 3 mm square characters.


    The smallest engraving tool is around 0.22 mm and this prevents me engraving such small characters.


    Two solutions spring to mind being photo anodising or silk screen printing.


    I can get these solutions as a post Express Front Panel manufacture however if you can provide such small markings, I would prefer having the total done by yourselves.


    This is part of my Unikey product for which your panels have been very successful.


    Comment would be most helpful.




    Docwat (Edinburgh, Scotland))

    Posted By: docwat on Jan 06, 2014 05:09PM Category: Production

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