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  • 19" 1U Questions

    Hello I'm designing a 19" 1U rack enclosure. I'd like it 11" deep. I have the front and back designed. I found a template zip that I think is what I need. I can't seem to get the depth of the side/top and bottom panel correct. When I may them longer I can't get the screw holes to move with it. I'm not 100% I have the correct template. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Posted By: Matt Sprigings on Jan 26, 2013 04:31PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Construction Lines

    I'm used to using construction lines as a way of lining up things so that they are straight. Is there a way to place construction lines?


    If not, how do you set a hole or other object to exact coordinates?

    Posted By: Dave VanHorn on Jan 23, 2013 06:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • cleaning infill smudge

    I just received a panel that I'm pretty happy with but a few of the engraved letters have infill smudges. Is there a recommended solvent that can be used to clean this up without damaging the anodized finish?

    Posted By: David Moylan on Jan 18, 2013 05:02AM Category: Production

  • Beveled edge's



    I would like to make a front panel with rounded corners that has a 22degree bevel all the way around. is that possible? how do I calculate the cost of that??

    Posted By: Dave Meyers on Jan 17, 2013 02:25AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • U type cavity

    is it possible to have a rounded edge cavity... (not only 4 corners, but actual cavity walls)

    in other words, kind a "U" shape or half "O" type cavity,


    side views ( U is my cavity)

    _____ _____

    | U |



    top view ( ii is my cavity)


    | ii |

    | ii |

    | ii |







    Posted By: kam kam on Dec 29, 2012 08:57PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Using old User Macro Files

    When starting FPD, I get an error window indicating a problem with my user macros:


    "Macro object database error:Macro objects are not available (26: SQLITE_NOTADB[26]: file is encrypted or is not a database)"


    Under Edit->Settings->Interface->Macros:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontDesign\ only)




    The last entry points to a directory where I store our custom macros. It contains 1 file:



    I suspect this is an old, and now unsupported format (a guess).


    If I click OK to the dialog, FPD starts normally, however, there are no User macros listed in the Macros objects sidebar.


    Is there a way to use my seemingly ancient, but coveted, macro file?





    Posted By: Chris Knudsen on Dec 14, 2012 03:04PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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