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  • Front Panel Designer will not start on Kubuntu 16.10

    I'm unable to get Front Panel Designer to start on Kubuntu 16.10 Front Panel Designer appears to be dependent on libpng12, which is a rather old version, so it fails to start. libpng16 is the current version. Anyone know a workaround? Can Front Panel Designer be recompiled so it will work with the current version of libpng?



    Posted By: Stan Gammons on Jun 17, 2017 10:26PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Hole for press fit connection

    I am producing a panel that uses standard Schroff IEC 60297 style hardware. I have attached a file illustrating the hole I wish to specify in Front Panel Designer. Please help. Thank you.

    Attached File: Hole_Specification.png

    Posted By: Craig Drennan on Jun 13, 2017 06:05PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Custom cavity


    I'd like to create a cavity with an arbitrary shape. I see that you can create circles, rectangles, circles-in-rectangles, etc. I'd like to import a dxf and use that as the cavity. This obvious feature appears missing from the software.

    I searched on the forum and found one Customer Service Rep who said it can be done, here:

    ...but there are no details about how to import dxf and "specify it should be a cavity". Do we import dxf as a cutout and then specify in the notes section when we order that that should be a cavity instead of a cutout? If so, how do we tell the human operator which cutout we are talking about (if there are several)?


    Posted By: David on Jun 11, 2017 06:57AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • simple non rectangular front panel

    I would like to create a slightly non rectangular front panel shape. I've been looking into hand editing a .DXF, but haven't found any easy to follow examples. Could someone help me or suggest another way ?


    Posted By: Gerrit Slavenburg on Jun 04, 2017 09:42PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Use DWG or DXF file for cutout pattern?

    Can someone help me figure out how to convert one of the attached DWG or DXF files into a cutout pattern for front panel designer?

    I need to make a cutout that covers up all the LEDs around the b***ons.

    The DWG file is located on this web page

    Attached File: CFA533_Family_HW_v1.1_2D_CAD.dxf

    Posted By: James Morton on May 25, 2017 03:26AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Postage to Australia

    Hi, sorry if its my bad, but I can't seem to find any info on postage / shipping?

    Anyway, do you guys post to Australia (Sydney)?

    And if so, could you give me a ballpark figure on how much that might cost?


    Posted By: Cam on May 18, 2017 01:54PM Category: Ordering

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