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  • 0.2mm infill



    I would like to know if anybody has any example of the results of 0.2mm engraved text infilled. I have somme small print I have to infill and would like to know if the result will be OK if engraved at 0.2mm.



    Posted By: CSLTech on Mar 26, 2014 03:34PM Category: Production

  • Octagon Panel

    Basically, I'd like to create a panel that is an octagon. However I need the 45 degree corners different sizes. The only way I can see to do this is to place a rectangle at 45 degrees and extend it over the edges to look like the corners have been cut off. Is this the only way?

    Posted By: Blackdog on Mar 17, 2014 01:33PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Linux Software - Ordering


    I am using the Linux software. It's great and I am very thankful that you are supporting Linux, however when I select "Start Ordering Program", nothing happens. Is there something I'm missing? I sure hope there is another option to complete my order.

    Posted By: dcibel on Mar 03, 2014 06:50AM Category: Ordering

  • Print Panel on reverse side

    It would be so nice to print the panel with a "reverse side" view. So you are looking at it as if you flipped the panel over and are working on the under side of it. This would be such a huge help !!


    I constantly have to print out a panel then trace all the lines flip the paper over and re-trace all the lines so I can look at the panel from the other side. It takes me so much time to do this and I loose accuracy doing it.


    That's the one and only wish I have but would really love to have this option.





    Posted By: mark02131 on Feb 23, 2014 06:51PM Category: Whishes

  • Enclosure ordering



    I cannot seem to find, on the order page, where to enter details for Enclosure ordering, thanks.

    Posted By: MontanaWay on Feb 23, 2014 05:11PM Category: Ordering

  • saving own macro

    I just created my own macro folder.

    I go to the object, in this case a hole, right click on it and then click on create macro.

    The new window opens, I go to select my new macro folder, hit return and nothing happens. No matter what I try, it will not allow me to select my macro folder.

    I am using a MAC with the latest OS.

    Posted By: MontanaWay on Feb 21, 2014 01:55AM Category: Front Panel Designer

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