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  • .033" hole possible?

    I have some light pipes with diameter .033" (.84mm), and a .064" (1.63mm) counterbore. The minimum hole diameter in FPD seems to be .040". Is it possible to do smaller holes? Center tolerance is nearly irrelevant, but diameter should be +/- .003" if possible.


    Also, what is the practical limit to the density of holes that can be drilled in the 4mm aluminum material? Is there any problem having holes on a .1" grid? I know I can easily get 100 holes per square inch on a printed circuit board, but I've never had to deal with metalworking before.




    Posted By: Jeff Baker on Jun 20, 2009 01:48AM Category: Production

  • Perspex Application

    I have an application where the perspex material might make sense.


    It is a build-to-print job that has a 17"x10" panel with test points, switches, etc and significant labeling.


    It is a rush job.


    I am thinking of using FrontPanelExpress to make a clear perspex overlay.


    That way I can cut the holes, make the labels and then mirror image the whole thing to put the engraving on the reverse side.


    Then use Spray Adhesive to adhere the label sheet to the panel.


    I suspect this is a typical application for FrontPanelExpress. However, I would like confirmation in case I am missing something.


    I also have some questions...


    1. Do you have a recommended adhesive?


    2. Is there a reason that a 16.5"x9.5" can't be 2mm thin?

    (Front Panel Designer would let me do it)


    Thank you in advance.



    Posted By: David Petticord on Jun 10, 2009 03:26AM Category: Production

  • Blind Hole limit

    I need to attach a hinge to our front panel.


    I would prefer to attach the hinge to the back side of the panel using ten #6 tapped holes.


    While it would probably be ok to use through holes, I would like to use blind holes to hide the end of the #6 screws.


    I am using 4mm black anodized material.


    How deep can I make the blind hole without breaking through?


    3.9mm ?



    David Petticord

    Complete Networks, Inc.


    Posted By: David Petticord on Jun 05, 2009 04:09PM Category: Production

  • Connector Templates

    I would love to see templates for G-Subminiature connectors (9-, 15-, 25-, 37- and 50-pin), Telco 50 (AKA, CHAMP connectors) and Neutrik chassis connectors.




    Posted By: John Scoggin on Apr 24, 2009 12:58AM Category: Whishes

  • Pelican case panels

    Would any kind soul out there have something I could use as a template for an 1150 or 1400 case panel template?


    I'm not a mechanical guy, and I would prefer to take as much uncertanity out of this as possible. Thanks! :D

    Posted By: David VanHorn on Apr 23, 2009 03:08PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Templates

    Templates for commonly used enclosures would be a good thing.

    For example, I'll be needing Pelican 1400 and 1150 panels soon. I'd love to be able to start with a known template, and just add the bits I need. Stormcases, etc would be a very good idea.

    Posted By: David VanHorn on Apr 23, 2009 03:06PM Category: Whishes

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