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  • Indexing switch positions

    Im trying to create a front panel that has a hole in it 41mm in diameter for a switch to protrude through.


    Im having trouble positioning the location dots for the switch which indexes 36 degrees each time.


    Any sugestions on how to deal with it



    Posted By: prussell on Feb 18, 2014 01:16PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Engraving Check Tool

    What are the parameters that this tool checks (View/Engraving Check), please? I have a logo that shows OK when using the .2mm graver or .6mm cutter, but shows red if the .4mm graver is specified. Is red no-go, or just questionable? Couldn't find any insight in the FPD help files, apologies if I missed that.

    Posted By: CharlieEscher on Feb 15, 2014 08:17PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Text eng. within shape eng.

    Hello! Is there a way to put a no-fill text engraving within a black-filled shape engraving? If so, is there a preferred/best way to go about it?




    Similar to the 'OUT A' in the lower left corner.


    Thanks! -j goulds

    Posted By: superfine-mod on Feb 10, 2014 10:35PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Difficulty creating an arc

    I have spent hours trying to create a simple aircraft instrument panel the top edge of which has a profile consisting of two arcs: one with a radius of about 120-150 inches in the center 2/3, merging with one on each end with a 8.5 in radius. When I make the large radius arc (using the curved slot tool), the center is at the bottom of the grid, and the arc is at the very top, and when I move the arc down, the panel rectangle moves all the way to the top of the grid field so I can no longer see the top of the panel. How can I move the arc without moving the panel? Or move the panel back near the center so I can work on it? Or is there some other way to do this? How do I specify the coordinates of the center of the arc.

    Posted By: arcture on Dec 24, 2013 01:52AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Sharing Macro Library

    After receiving a new computer, all my previously saved macros are not easily accessible. Currently, I still have access to my old computer so I will be able to find what I need. However, we have other people in the department that may want to access a shared custom macro library. Is there a way I can define a location for these macro objects to save?

    Posted By: JFleck on Dec 16, 2013 07:55PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Printing problem

    I printed the 100% layout for checking the holes if they are matching with the components. I printed the file with three different printers. All printouts are around 10% smaller than the actual dimensions.

    Can anyone advise what may be the problem?

    Posted By: bigpanda on Dec 10, 2013 04:51AM Category: Front Panel Designer

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