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  • Beveled Oval Slot

    I wish to make an oval shaped slot that has beveled edges. how can i do that?


    So for example I want a .5" wide by 2" long oval slot with a 45 degree bevel on the inside edge. (not actual dimensions just for example)

    Posted By: Dave Meyers on Apr 04, 2011 01:57AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Uncertain Thickness of Panel

    I will be sending in my own panels for machining, however I am unsure as to how thick I should state they are in the FPE software.


    The panels have "flanges" along their "circumference," used for mounting the side and top panels to the front and rear panels. Think of these as angle brackets which are permanently welded to the panel.


    Further, the panels have actually been milled so that the bulk of the area is thinned out even further. This picture should (I hope) demonstrate what I mean:





    All cutting would be in the thinned area only.


    Given the thinned part is 4mm thick, the panel proper is 8mm thick, and the panel + flanges is 12mm high when laid on its back, which number should I put into the software?


    I would guess 4mm, since this is the thickness to be cut. However, I am uncertain of how the cnc software actually works, if it is concerned with the thickness to be cut, or the total height of the total piece of metal.




    I hope this all makes sense, it is rather confusing :( I am happy to clarify anything and everything.

    Posted By: Douglas Krause on Apr 03, 2011 10:06PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Selection line engraving


    How can I select a line engraving not by the middle but by the left ou right corner. It's for join two line with 90°

    In the older release, it's is possible.


    Posted By: NOËL François on Mar 13, 2011 10:08AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • help with side profile 2 case



    I am designing a case for a VHF Transverter for amateur radio use.


    I will use side profile 2 - 56mm high


    Case will be 200mm x 250mm


    I can find the dimensions of the cavity on the cover panels ok but how do I insert those onto a panel


    I downloaded the templates but can't see where on the cover panels the slot information for the cavity is entered


    hope that makes sense!



    Posted By: Simon Lewis on Feb 24, 2011 11:23AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Help with front / back panel and custom enclosure?

    I am sourcing and gathering parts for a PASS DIY build theese days, and found out about this place through some threads on a diy forum. If I can get the entire enclosure from here, that be best. I don't need to order from hifi2000 and then get another panel. Much better from one place. BUT, I have tried the panel designer, and I don't understand how to make a full enclosure....



    Posted By: Kenneth Rørås on Feb 22, 2011 01:17PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • A rabbit cut around the outside edge of panel

    I am new to your tool and cannot figure out how to add a rabbit cut around the outside edge of the panel. This is needed to allow the front panel to slide into a slot on the rack assembly. The rabbit is about 1.27mm deep and 1.27mm wide.

    Posted By: Larry Grandstaff on Feb 04, 2011 08:54PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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