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  • .033" hole possible?

    I have some light pipes with diameter .033" (.84mm), and a .064" (1.63mm) counterbore. The minimum hole diameter in FPD seems to be .040". Is it possible to do smaller holes? Center tolerance is nearly irrelevant, but diameter should be +/- .003" if possible.


    Also, what is the practical limit to the density of holes that can be drilled in the 4mm aluminum material? Is there any problem having holes on a .1" grid? I know I can easily get 100 holes per square inch on a printed circuit board, but I've never had to deal with metalworking before.




    Posted By: Jeff Baker on Jun 20, 2009 01:48AM Category: Production

    Hi Jeff,


    The diameter of our smallest standard tool is 1mm (.039"). However, .033" is possible to machine with an accurate center tolerance but not to design in Front Panel Designer. Please let us know in the 'Remarks For Production' field that you need a smaller diameter for certain holes and we would make the changes accordingly. The turnaround may take a few days longer since the smaller tools are no stock items.


    Holes on a grid are no problem. Using your example of .064" for the counterbore and a grid of .1" leaves enough distance between each hole to keep the panel rigid.


    Design tip for holes on a grid: Use 'Crtl + R' after you have copied the first hole to the next position. It will repeat your last action.

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jun 23, 2009 03:31AM


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