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    I have ordered presently and in the past several panels with tapped holes in the 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32 range. I have noticed that I have consistently had to run my own tap through the holes to get the screws to go in without extra force. I specify the hole as the instructions say by selecting the screw size. Am I missing something? I have used both stainless steel and aluminum hardware.

    Posted By: Robert on Aug 04, 2016 04:13PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Robert.

    If you would like increase the diameter opening of the thread so it isn't as tight click on the 'manual thread parameters' in the bottom of the properties window and increase the diameter by .1mm or .004"

    This should give you enough tolerance so you can insert your screws.

    Posted By: Adrian on Aug 09, 2016 08:43PM


    Well, my argument to that solution is
    1) Why does the program not select the proper drill size?
    2) Why would the tap used not clean out the and the re-tap I used did?

    Posted By: Robert on Aug 09, 2016 09:06PM


    We use routers with threaded end mills so the tolerances are on the low end to prevent screw loosening over time and this doesn't seem to be a problem with the majority of our customers. We do not hand thread these and we use a plug thread go/no-go gauge to double check the threads as well. If you need more clarification let us know.

    Posted By: Adrian on Aug 10, 2016 01:54AM


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