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  • Create a freeform from dxf file

    I created a part in alibre, created a dxf file.
    Now i would like to import this in frontpanel so it can be milled by the factory.
    How must i do that, is there a step by step tutorial,. not a video

    Posted By: Harry H. Arends on Oct 11, 2016 05:26PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Harry,

    Thank you for contacting Front Panel Express with your question.

    Since you have a .dxf file you can import that into our designer. The way to do that is to save off your .dxf file as two files. The first .dxf file will be of just your panel (outside) shape and nothing else. The second .dxf file will be of just the cutouts on your and nothing else.

    You will start your panel design by importing the first .dxf by selecting 'free shape from dxf file' when you click create new panel.

    Once you have your panel open click on the 'insert free contour' tool in the toolbar and select to import the second .dxf file of the cutouts.

    This will import the .dxf of your cutouts onto your panel as a group. You can know center the cutouts onto your panel by right-clicking and selecting align/distribute.

    For others with the same question you can view this instructional video on how to do what I described above:



    Posted By: Adrian on Oct 13, 2016 01:37AM


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