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  • Front Panel Designer will not start on Kubuntu 16.10

    I'm unable to get Front Panel Designer to start on Kubuntu 16.10 Front Panel Designer appears to be dependent on libpng12, which is a rather old version, so it fails to start. libpng16 is the current version. Anyone know a workaround? Can Front Panel Designer be recompiled so it will work with the current version of libpng?



    Posted By: Stan Gammons on Jun 17, 2017 10:26PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Stan,

    A possible workaround would be to install libpng12.

    For 'libpng12' ubuntu suggest to install
    libpng12 from the 'xenial' repository which refers to (K)ubuntu 16.04

    This link will help with explanation:

    We will look for a better solution regarding libpng12 / libpng12 in the

    Respond back to if you have any other questions.

    Posted By: Adrian on Jun 23, 2017 06:41PM


    This is also true for Debian Stretch (stable). I think I can hack a workaround, but adding support for libpng>12 would be great!. I love your product/services by the way.

    Posted By: Gene Hilton on Feb 02, 2018 04:25PM


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