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  • Does not work on Kubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

    1) install as root (sudo dpkg -i FrontDesign-US-5.1.1-i386.deb)
    2) start from menu Graphics ...
    3) create new panel (only icon are active, everything in menu does not do anything)
    4) cannot save (save opend dialog, can browse directories, enter name, but does not save anything, no error is shown, everything looks ok, but file is not saved - even * is still after the file name indicating not saved)
    5) cannot even exit (clicking x, crtl-q, all do nothing, have to kill from konsole)

    Looks like very nice and usefull tool, but without saving is useless ...

    Posted By: Robert on Aug 16, 2017 09:18AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Oki, I have found it can save designs on Kubuntu 12.04 (laptop) ... so the problem has to be some missing/broken gtk lib/config in Kubuntu 14.04

    still curious, why there is no error in 14.04, will update later ...

    Posted By: Robert on Aug 16, 2017 08:41PM


    oki, found the problem ...

    the package "kgtk-qt3-trinity" is causing this problem

    after removal from 14.04.5 LTS the frontpaneldesigner works ok

    [ sudo apt-get remove kgtk-qt3-trinity ]

    hope this helps,

    Posted By: Robert on Aug 20, 2017 04:32PM


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