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  • Printing on customer supplied material

    The 'Insert print graphic' b***on is grayed out if the 'Customer provided material' option is enabled, even if that material is anodized aluminium.
    However, in the UV printing, Source material topic of the Online Help it states:
    "UV printing can in principle be applied to any material. We only guarantee the perfect adhesion of the print on anodized aluminum however. As white is also available as a color, colored panels can also be printed. Under these conditions, it is also possible in principle to carry out UV printing on customer-supplied material."

    Can you print on customer supplied anodized aluminium panels?

    Posted By: Colin Parker on Aug 23, 2017 01:28PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Colin,

    Unfortunately UV printing is only offered on our material. The statement about printing on customer provided material will be removed since we cannot guarantee the same quality print.

    Posted By: Adrian on Aug 29, 2017 08:00PM


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