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    I have 4 screw holes, I need them spaced 95.02 mm by 42 mmapart. After three hours of futzing with this inane interface, I still cannot achieve that. How is it done?

    Posted By: Scott Hamilton on Mar 11, 2018 02:18AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Scott,

    Click on set origin in toolbar, then click on enter coordinates based on snap point and hoover over the hole you want to use as the reference and click the center. A blue circle with cross hair will be in the center of that circle. Now, right click the hole you want to be spaced apart and select move. Enter in your absolute X,Y and the hole will move to the location you specify. Repeat process until you have your alignments where you need them.

    Posted By: Adrian on Mar 12, 2018 04:29PM


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