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  • Front Design launch problem

    hello... I have ordered dozens of panels over a dozen years... and never had this issue...

    I get a pop up that says:

    the current issue of front panel designer is not reacting. please close all dialog boxes and try again.

    the program was running when I had a crash... it spun endlessly, so I had to force quit... now it will not open... I rebooted computer.. I dragged the old program to the trash... downloaded again... and reinstalled... still nothing... I found the Applications Support folder, but could not see any old files to delete...

    I sent an email yesterday. no reply...

    any help appreciated...

    Mac 10.13.1

    Posted By: jeff on May 23, 2018 05:45AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear that you are having issues.

    We tried to Email you back yesterday to ask a couple of questions but for some reason our Emails are not going through to you. I just called you and left a message.

    I wanted to give you an update. The questions that we had for you have been answered in this post and we have forwarded this information to our IT.

    Thank you

    Posted By: Front Panel Express on May 23, 2018 07:22PM


    I figured it out... you have to just delete the entire Front Design folder under Application Support... once you do that, and delete the actual application and reinstall, it will start back up...

    thanks for the reply.

    Posted By: jeff on May 23, 2018 08:14PM


    I have this same app launch problem as Jeff in OS X 10.13.6

    I designed something now I can't get back in the app to order it.

    Also all the files are save w/o the file extension '.fpd' and all seem to 1k bytes in file size??

    Posted By: Joe on Sep 12, 2018 11:42PM


    Hi Joe,

    Follow Jeffs instructions and see if that fixes your problem. The extension issue could be happening due to your settings. Mac OS operating systems offer you the option to not add extensions on files once downloaded or saved so that could be your issue. Turn that option 'on' so extensions are added to files.

    Email us back at if you have any more issues.

    Posted By: Adrian on Sep 15, 2018 03:47AM


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