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    I downloaded the Front Panel Designer but does anyone know where I can download and read the tutorial before I can use it?

    Posted By: Gary on Aug 04, 2018 12:10AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Gary,

    Welcome to the program! We do not offer a manual on using the software but we do have a YouTube channel that will show short clips of how to do key elements as well as manuals on how to design certain features. The manuals can be found under the 'download' tab above. Please also check out the 'Online Help' right above the 'Forum' tab at the bottom of the page.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to send us an email to or you can call customer support at (206) 768-0602.

    Best regards,

    Posted By: Hannah on Aug 04, 2018 01:04AM


    Hi Hannah

    Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful and informative.

    Posted By: Gary on Aug 04, 2018 06:46AM


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