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    I have a panel to be made soon for which the exposed raw aluminum at the cut edges is unacceptable, so we will need to get them anodized afterward. So I selected the raw aluminum material in the software and was warned that you do not guarantee surface condition.


    Is the condition going to be good enough that I can buff out imperfections before anodizing, or am I better off ordering an anodized panel and having it stripped and re-anodized afterward?


    I don't need a polished surface, my buffing would end up with a brush finish if that makes a difference.


    Thanks in advance,


    Posted By: Ed Heitzman on Jan 12, 2010 08:40PM Category: Production

    Hello Ed,


    It's better to go with anodized aluminum. The anodizer needs to etch the aluminum anyway, no matter if raw or already anodized. However, the etching wouldn't remove potential surface scratches of raw aluminum, whereas our pre-anodized material guarantees a scratch free surface.



    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jan 15, 2010 03:31PM


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