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  • Object Properties Gone

    This has happened before, I'll load up a project I'd been working on and the Object Properties window is gone. I can't get it back by selecting the menu item in the View menu. This is annoying because the only way to view an object's position, other than that window, is the "Move/Rotate" dialog. How do I get my Object Properties window back?


    Posted By: Matt Watkins on Mar 29, 2010 08:38PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Matt,


    I think the object property window is still there but no longer visible on your screen.


    You should get it back with the shortcut 'Crtl + O'. If this doesn't work you need to modify your screen resolution to get it back in the visible area.


    We are sorry for the inconvenience and you are definitely right, this is very annoying.


    Our new version FPD4 won't have this issue. Release is in two weeks on April 12.

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Mar 30, 2010 03:45AM


    Thanks Diane,


    I have indeed relocated my PC temporarily to a workstation with a smaller monitor than my office one, so the property window is probably off-screen. Looking forward to version 4. (Just curious, will it include an 'enclosure wizard'?)

    Posted By: Matt Watkins on Apr 05, 2010 11:46PM


    Hi Matt,


    Sorry, no enclosure wizard this time. Version 4.0 focuses on dxf imports of inner and outer contours.


    Coming next will be the ability to choose material thicknesses up to 10mm and powder coating finish.

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Apr 10, 2010 08:52PM


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