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  • You must play the ball as it lies

    You must play the ball as it lies. You may not move it to a better spot. You may not improve your lie by pressing down behind the ball. golfwholesale18 The club may be grounded only lightly behind the ball. You may not improve the area of your stance, intended swing or line of play by bending or breaking anything growing, such as tree branches or long grass. golfwholesale18 reviews In a bunker you may not touch the sand, or in a water hazard touch the ground or water, with your club before or during your back swing. In any hazard, Ishiner you may not remove loose impediments (natural things such as leaves or twigs) but you may remove obstructions (artificial objects such as bottles or rakes.)

    Posted By: xue edison on Jul 06, 2010 11:02AM Category: Production

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