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    The Putting Green

    If any part of your ball is touching the green, it is on the green. When your ball is on the green, you may brush away leaves and other loose impediments, but otherwise do not touch your line of putt. You may repair ball marks or old hole plugs, but do not repair marks made by spikes or shoes before playing. You may not test the surface of the green by rolling a ball or scraping the surface. Always mark your ball by putting a small coin or other marker behind it when you want to pick it up to clean it or get out of another player's way. Ishiner If your ball overhangs the edge of the hole you can wait ten seconds to see if it drops in. If it falls in after 10 seconds, reviews add a penalty stroke to your score.


    Posted By: xue edison on Jul 06, 2010 11:02AM Category: Production

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