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    How does one place text on the reverse side of a panel? I have testpoints that have a through hole with engraved text on the front but the tech needs TP numbers on the reverse side for wiring.

    Posted By: George Rufle on Mar 11, 2008 12:47PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    The option 'place on reverse side' is only for blind holes or cavities available. However, we can place text on the back side of a panel for you.


    Depending on the quantity of text you want, there are two options for preparing the file for us.


    1. If you only want a few engravings on the back, you can place them on the front panel and set the X-Scale to -1 (in engraving properties). The negative value mirrors the engraving and appears as would you look through a transparent panel. To let us know that we need to mill it on the back, please leave a note in the remark box (front panel properties).

    This can become confusing if you add a lot of engravings, especially when they are at the same spot as engravings on the front.


    2. Therefore, it would be more convenient for you to design a second panel showing the back of your front panel (please consider that you are now working mirror-inverted to the front side). Just let us know through a note in the remark box that we need to combine the files to one panel.


    No matter which option you choose, we will send you the combined or modified file for your approval, together with the updated price, before starting manufacturing.


    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Mar 12, 2008 03:43AM


    Thanks for the reply.


    Wouldn't solution #1 display the text as backwards when viewed from the back?


    Solution #2 will have to be my choice.


    Would placing text on the reverse side be included in a future update to Front Panel Express?

    Posted By: George Rufle on Mar 12, 2008 11:53AM


    Here is an example for solution 1.




    The text is backwards because we are always looking on the front side with Front Panel Designer. By having the real panel in hand and flipping it to see the back, the text appears correct.



    The following picture shows solution 2:




    The left panel is the front side and the right panel is the auxiliary file for the back side. I added a rectangular hole for better clarification how it works with having it mirror-inverted.


    I hope the screen shots help to illustrate both solutions.


    Since we have more and more requests for placing text on the reverse side, we definitely need to work on this function for future versions. Thank you for your suggestion.



    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Mar 12, 2008 07:42PM


    The breakout prices show the individual charges for the engraved text. So would the total cost just be that engraved letter charge, or is there an additional setup charge for the rear text?

    Posted By: Mike on Jan 28, 2016 06:16PM


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