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  • macros with changeable drillings

    I am using the "Sub-D 25 pole with changeable drillings" library macro, and wonder how I can change the mounting holes (or even find out what the present hole size/type is).

    Posted By: Peter Bennett on Dec 14, 2010 02:29AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Peter,


    Thank you for contacting us today regarding macro objects.


    In order to view the individual items in a macro, you will want to right click on the macro placed on the panel, then click "Ungroup all groups".


    Next, you can double click on any individual item to view its size or change its attributes (like perhaps to make the flanking drill holes larger or tapped holes).


    Do be aware, however, that it is best to regroup the items before moving them around the panel after they have been ungrouped.


    Let me know if you run into any additional issues.



    Paul Birkeland

    Customer Service

    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Dec 14, 2010 05:27PM


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