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    I have a long list of wishes but here are a few.


    I have to switch between AutoCAD and FPD and keeping the hotkeys straight is mind numbing! my first wish is to add Control + and - for zoom in and out functions. would make life a lot easier.


    being able to design in AutoCAD and import into FPD is major. that would save many many hours!


    a Bigger stock symbol libray is a must. even just some basics like fuseholders, IEC connectors, duplex outlets, vent hole patterns, etc.


    The ability to array objects. select an object, and tell FPD how far apart to space them etc.

    Posted By: Dave Meyers on Jan 09, 2011 04:10PM Category: Whishes

    Hello Dave,


    Thank you for contacting us about Front Panel Designer.


    We will log your requests and make them available to our software developers.


    Being able to directly import a DXF file is a feature we are working on, but often times there is just not enough differentiation in a DXF between different types of objects for correct conversion (IE - an engraving line vs. a slot, or a cavity vs. a through hole).


    The bigger library is coming, we are aware that this is a bit of a shortcoming with our software, stay tuned for more updates on this in the near future!


    Arraying an object is possible. If you place one object on the panel, then move it a certain distance (with move + apply to copy), you can use Ctrl+R to repeat the move and copy the object across the panel.


    Please feel free to let us know any other wishes you have or deficiencies you find in the software.


    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Birkeland

    Customer Service

    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Jan 10, 2011 09:42PM


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