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    Hi all,


    I'm constantly moving panel features around in order to ensure that there are no part collisions.


    It would be really helpful to have a non-mechanical reference layer to use as design guides when placing panel components. In PCB-land, these are many times called a 'keepout' layers, or 'keepout tracks'.


    Such a layer would be extremely useful when placing parts from my now extensive macro library. Each part in the library could include reference features to indicate minimum spacing or other placement requirements.


    As it stands now, I temporarily add engraving features like display bezels and connector flanges only to delete them later before machining.


    Also, I have the desire to leave notes in design files for changes that I would like to make to the _next_ version.


    So in a nutshell: Be able to place or specify features that are not to be included in machining, but are included and saved in the design file and macro parts.



    Posted By: Chris Knudsen on Jan 24, 2011 11:15PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Sorry... I just noticed the 'Wishes forum' where this is already discussed in detail.




    Posted By: Chris Knudsen on Jan 24, 2011 11:19PM


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