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  • Anodizing and Engraving Filling Sequence

    When in the process is the anodizing done? If it's done prior to cutting, milling and drilling, then the edges will be raw. If it's done afterwards, then the edges will also be anodized.


    What about the filling of the engravings?


    BTW, I am planning black anodized, with white fillings.


    Thank you...





    Posted By: Keith Mycek on Feb 21, 2011 08:35PM Category: Production

    Hello Keith,


    Thank you for contacting us regarding our manufacturing processes.


    Our sheets are anodized before milling, so the edges and holes will be raw milled aluminum. The engravings also penetrate the anodized layer, so they are raw until infilling.


    If the raw edges are an issue, you could opt for powder coating.


    Let us know if you have any additional questions.


    Kindest Regards,


    Paul Birkeland

    Customer Service

    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Feb 21, 2011 10:29PM


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