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  • Object properties shows millimeters and inches

    In the version 3.5 software, why does the "Object Properties" dialog display X and Y in inches even when the rest of the units (such as height and width) are shown in millimeters? this makes designing a lot more work than it needs to be as I have to constantly convert units back and forth using a calculator.




    Posted By: Peter Montgomery on Apr 10, 2008 08:34AM Category: Front Panel Designer



    There is indeed an inconsistency within the 'Object Properties' regarding inches and millimeters. A mixup in dimension units happens if they are changed during the design. The properties of an individual object stay in the unit which was active when placed on the panel. Changing dimension units in the 'Edit Menu' doesn't affect already existing objects. We will look into this for future versions.


    We are sorry for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for pointing that out.


    Thank you,


    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Apr 10, 2008 06:50PM


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